Tjolöholm Castle, Kungsbacka

Balconies and verandas insulated with poured bitumen system 1×20 mm.

Hagabadet, Gothenburg

Winter garden insulated with 2×10 mm bitumen mix.

City Theatre, Gothenburg

The City Theatre’s delivery area was insulated with System B2A.

East India Company, Gothenburg

Balconies and terrace insulated with 1×20 mm poured bitumen.

Museum of Art, Gothenburg

The steps above the new main entrance, also the roof of the Hasselblad Center, were insulated with System B2B.

Bourse, Gothenburg

Balconies coated with 1×20 mm poured bitumen.

Maritime Museum, Gothenburg

System B2A at lookout point (Beta 6000 SA +20 mm poured bitumen).

Borgholm Castle ruins, Öland

Insulated with poured bitumen system 2×10 mm to stop leaching and decay.

Vinga lighthouse, Gothenburg

The lighthouse around the prism was insulated with Map Pro light grey.

City Hall, Stockholm

System B2A insulation at the entrance.

Parliament House, Stockholm

Waterproofing with poured bitumen system 2×10 mm bitumen blend.

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