Öland Bridge

Client: Swedish Transport Administration
Main contractor: NCC
Main works: Spray application of waterproofing membrane
Project dates: 2009–2011

The project in brief

DAB spray applied the waterproof sealcoat membrane on the Öland Bridge.

The bridge’s total length is 7,825 m.

Project and solution

NCC chiselled off the inner part of the edge beam and also took care of new casting, including integrated cathodic protection. Removal of bitumen and sealcoat about 450 mm into the bridge deck, from the edge beam down to the structural concrete.

DAB spray applied a 4 mm waterproof sealcoat membrane of type Matacryl Machine (methyl methacrylate, MMA) in two layers (2+2 mm), roughly 450 mm into the bridge deck (overlapping the existing mastic), and roughly 60 mm up onto the edge beam.

  • Sandblasting of surface.
  • Priming with Matacryl Primer.
  • Filling of dips and unevenness with Matacryl WL and a DAB mix (a blend of filler and quartz).
  • 1st layer: spray membrane 2 mm with Matacryl Machine.
  • Kicker wedge from edge beam out towards the bridges with Matacryl WL and DAB mix.
  • 2nd layer: spray membrane 2 mm with Matacryl Machine. The membrane is sanded with quartz to improve adhesion between the acrylate and the overlying road mass.
  • DAB also performed joining with N2 Sealant after coating.

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