Nya Karolinska Solna

Client: Stockholm County Council (SCC)
Main contractor: Skanska Healthcare AB
Main works: Waterproofing and coating of a multi-storey car park
Project dates: 2012–2016

The project in brief

Construction of the Nya Karolinska Solna hospital also involved a new parking deck in the hospital area, and DAB was contracted for construction of surfaces. Read more about the project on the Nya Karolinska Solna website.

Project and solution

The works included waterproofing and coating on ramps and parking zones in the car park. They also included a strong bitumen mastic waterproof course, which is largely recyclable and simple to remove and fit.

  • Priming with Beta M Primer
  • Polymer modified Beta 4000, seam welded, 30 mm PGJA mixed with wax and crushed dolomite at the surface
  • The coating was spike rolled onto the ramps
  • Vertical waterproof sealcoat with Beta 4000 SA cuff, and 40 mm Beta H Strip
  • On the top floor a higher cuff, covered with flashing with joins at the top
  • Migua type expansion joints within the parking deck

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