Multi-storey car park, Borås

Client: AB Bostäder i Borås
Main contractor: DAB Group AB
Main works: Repairs on four multi-storey car parks
Project dates: 2010–2013

The project in brief

Renovation of four multi-storey car parks. The main damage related to corroded reinforcements in joists, beams and the lower parts of the columns. Also some frost damage to concrete edging.

Project and solution

The contract encompassed concrete repair, waterproofing, decolouration and painting. As well as general repairs, facade sections in perforated cover plates were fitted to new forged columns. Removing intermediate walls created an open plan solution inside the car park decks. Gates and doors were fitted as part of a new central access system.

  • Blasting, priming with Nyflow 20
  • Polymer modified Beta 4000, seam welded
  • 30 mm PGJA mixed with wax and crushed dolomite at the surface
  • Vertical waterproof sealcoat with Beta 4000 SA cuff, and 30 mm Beta H Strip covered with flashing

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