Lossen Regulating Weir

Client: Ljusnans Vattenregleringsföretag
Main contractor: DAB Group AB
Main works: Enhancement of weir safety
Project dates: 2013–2016

The project in brief
Lossen regulating weir was built in 1952–1962 where Lossen lake runs into the Ljusnan river. This contract entailed safety enhancement at the weir, including a new spillway. DAB was in charge of the project and of all building works.

Project and solution
• New concrete spillway with a capacity of 610 m³/sec.

  • The spillway was fitted with two 13-metre-wide segmented compartments.
  • 3,000 m³ concrete for the spillway.
  • Inlet and outlet channel, total length 550 m.
  • The outlet channel from the spillway comprises a 130-metre-long concrete channel.
  • Approx. 3,000 m³ concrete – which then runs into a rock channel.
  • Earth excavation 760,000 m³.
  • Rock excavation 60,000 m³.
  • A new concrete road bridge was built over the rock channel.
  • Reinforcement of the dam’s downstream slope with support embankment.
  • 42,000 m³ stone filler.
  • 18,000 m³ coarse filter.
  • 20,000 m³ fine filter.
  • Reinforcement of the existing erosion protection on the upper part of the embankment dam’s upstream slope, extending 400 metres
  • A 180-metre-long pier with a crest width of approx. 10 metres on the southern shore of Lake Rörhån.
  • Laying of excavated rock and earth masses for the pier and dam abutment reinforcement in Lake Rörhån.
  • Kraftverksbyggarna Söderhamn was the subcontractor, performing all land and rock works.

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