Köpmannebro Bridge

Client: Swedish Transport Administration
Main contractor: DAB Group AB
Main works: Replacement of 344 m edge beam and railing, also 1,650 m² waterproofing/coating
Project dates: 11 Mar 2013 – 25 Oct 2013

The project in brief

Renovation of the bridge and turning span, replacement of defective edge beam and railing, and upgrading of all steel. Half the bridge was closed off during the works, which took place in two stages, spring and autumn 2013. The works were part of the Swedish Transport Administration’s long-term strategy to maintain Sweden’s bridges.

Project and solution

The renovation entailed blasting and painting all the steel. Replacement of 344 m edge beam and railing, also 1,300 m² waterproofing and coating. Moulding and casting of the edge beam were done using DAB’s Bridgecare moulding system. The concrete surface was also water milled and blasted.

  • Priming/sealing of the concrete railing deck with Beta A Primer.
  • Polymer modified bridge paving, type Beta 6000 SA, seam welded.
  • 50 mm PGJA as a new protective and binder course.
  • Sealing of edge beams and bridge ends was done with Beta R Epoxy Thix.
  • The new surface course was done in ABS 16.

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