Client: Swedish Transport Administration
Main contractor: DAB Group AB
Work carried out: Included replacement of 1,015 m edge beam with new railings. New dividing beam 1,826 m including H4b guardrail and replacement of crossing structures.
Project dates: 1 Apr 2016 – 30 Sep 2016 and 1 Apr 2017 – 30 Sep 2017. 

General information about the project

The works were part of the Swedish Transport Administration’s long-term strategy to maintain Sweden’s bridges. Renovation was done in stages and traffic was converged into 5 lanes during the works. In stage 1 summer 2016 we renovated the easternmost driving lane. Stage 2 related to the westernmost lane and was done in summer 2017. For the concrete and railings we used the Bridgecare method, working from a suspended scaffold on the bridge. Read more about the maintenance of Älvsborg Bridge on the Swedish Transport Administration website.

The contract included:

• Replacement of edge beam on both access bridges
• Replacement of edge beam railings including jump barriers
• New dividing beam between road deck and pedestrian/cycle lane over the whole bridge, including a new H4b guardrail
• Replacement of crossing structures on the thread span
• Insulation and coating works, and replacement of ground and surface drains

About Älvsborg Bridge

Opened 8 November 1966. Total cost SEK 150 million, of which SEK 56 million for the bridge. About 80,000 motorists use the bridge every day. Total length 900.6 metres. Construction time just over 4 years. The columns are 107.6 metres high. The bridge was initially grey, now mint green. It takes 36,000 litres of paint to repaint it. The technical designer was Sven Olof Asplund. See a video of the opening at svt.se. 
Fact source: svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/vast (Martin Grill)