About Dab

DAB is a leading Scandinavian contractor in waterproof sealcoating, poured-bitumen coating and concrete renovation on bridges, parking decks and other concrete structures.

We have over 200 employees and carry out projects across Sweden, and in Denmark and Norway. We have offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, Helsingborg, Örebro, Arbrå Copenhagen and Oslo. Annual turnover is approximately SEK 510 million.

Our business concept sums us up well: “DAB aims to be the ideal partner and the leading company in the production, maintenance and repair of public buildings and structures. Our work is characterised by innovation, dependability and ethical conduct.”

Our clients can be found in the real estate, infrastructure, industrial and energy sectors. As an innovative, reliable partner we are constantly striving to develop materials, working methods and systems in concrete, poured bitumen and waterproof sealcoating. We bring this approach into every project, whether we’re building a bridge, a parking deck for thousands of cars, or laying a durable, non-slip stable floor

Our history
DAB Group AB started life in 1986 as DAB Domiflex AB, and was originally a waterproofing contractor for bridges and car parks in Gothenburg and the surrounding area, assisted by subcontractors.

Thanks to collaborations, acquisitions and new start-ups, we have since grown into one of Scandinavia’s leading companies in waterproof sealcoating, poured bitumen and concrete renovation . We have operations in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, with headquarters in Gothenburg and regional offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Helsingborg, Örebro, Arbrå, Köpenhamn och Oslo

Our companies
DAB Group AB, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, is part of DAB Holding AB and also owns the companies Dansk Støbeastfalt Aps (Poured Bitumen, Denmark) and Spesialdekker AS (Special Coatings, Norway).

DAB also has bitumen plants in Kungälv, Sweden and Roskilde, Denmark, both specialised in producing poured bitumen and other speciality materials

Åsa Pahne

Organisation and Board
The Board of Directors of DAB Holding AB and DAB Group AB is comprised of six people: one Chairman and five Members, three of whom work in the company.

Marek Zdrojewski
Lawyer at Glimstedt Law Firm, Gothenburg

Mikael Kinnmark
Co-owner, employed since 1992

Nikolaj Mansfeldt
Regional Manager, South
Co-owner, employed since 1993

Konstantin Mansfeldt
Regional Manager, Denmark and CEO of Dansk Støbeastfalt
Co-owner, employed since 1992

Per Englund
Business Development Consultant

Peter Humble
Boardpartner & consultant