Naturally, we strive to maintain good business relations with our suppliers, and we believe in clear, direct communication.

So as not to risk late payment of invoices due to incorrect or missing details, please follow the specifications below.

Thanks in advance!

Supplier information

Invoicing DAB
We are constantly striving to streamline the way we deal with supplier invoices. We want you, as a supplier, to get paid reliably and on time, so there are two options for sending invoices digitally to DAB Group.

Procedure for sending e-invoices to DAB (in Swedish)

E-invoice via file
If you are a regular supplier and have a business system for digital invoicing, EDI (sending a digital invoice file) is the best solution.

E-invoice by email (PDF)
Email your invoice to invoice@dabgroup.se

DAB’s general requirements for invoicing
The following applies, unless otherwise agreed.

- DAB pays supplier invoices 30 days after receipt, provided all the information is correct

- In addition to standard Swedish Tax Agency requirements, DAB has other requirements for marking of invoices – see ‘Marking of invoices’

– We only approve consolidated invoices per project.

We do not approve supplier invoices with both reverse charge and other VAT.

– Suppliers must be registered for corporation tax

– When sending PDF invoices, body text or logos must not be attached in the email.

– The attachment should be included in the invoice document, not separate.

At DAB, we are constantly striving to improve our working environment and reduce our environmental impact. Please read more below.

Marking of invoices

Invoices sent to DAB Group must include certain mandatory details.

Any invoices not complying with these requirements or Swedish rules on reverse charge of VAT will be returned.

– Fullständigt bolagsnamn och adress (DAB Group AB, Ringögatan 12, 417 07 Göteborg, org. nr 556485-2159).

– Code string, consisting of the project number's 8-14 digits.

The code string should be in "Your e-invoice reference". In the same box, neither the project's name nor any other characters should be included.

- Reverse charge VAT

In cases where the invoice is subject to reverse charge, the VAT number (SE556485215901) for DAB Group must be specified on the invoice, along with the text stating "Reverse charge applies for construction services."

Read more about reverse charge at www.skatteverket.se

Marking of invoices with no project number

Invoices without a project number may only be sent in agreement with your contact person.

– The contact person's full name and region code within DAB Group should be included in 'Your reference,' in the form 'XX Firstname Lastname.'

– Your contact information for the reference person.