Quality, environment & working environment policy

DABs work is build upon trust, responsibility and competence.

Choose a path that is truly sustainable

When working with DAB, you can expect a high and consistent quality. We work systematically to ensure quality, prevent deficiencies and eliminate risks of problems. As one of Scandinavia’s leading companies in our industry, it is our responsibility to constantly improve our products and methods while striving for as good and safe a working environment as possible for all employees. In this work, we engage our own employees as well as suppliers and customers.

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Quality Policy

DAB should be the perfect partner and the leading company in new production, maintenance and repair of general construction works. Our work will be characterised by innovation, credibility and sympathetic action.

Our ambition is to continually strive for improvement and for the company’s employees as well as suppliers and customers to be involved in this work. Our actions will lead to satisfied customers and improvements in business processes, by complying with current legislation and customer requirements, and where technically and economically reasonably exceed the requirements. Minimal environmental impact and good economy should be achieved via a long technical lifespan for our products and services. We collaborate with quality and environmentally conscious partners.

Environmental policy

DAB is to be associated with an active environmental work. We comply with applicable laws and other requirements and shall, in our commitments, strive for optimum resource and energy use with minimal environmental impact and long life span. Our ambition is to continually strive for improvements and prevention of pollution.

This is achieved by contributing to a reduction in the climate impact of manufacturing, laying and selecting materials and products, by increasing the use of recyclable materials and products and by reducing the use of harmful products. All employees in their daily work must work to ensure that the environmental policy is respected and both employees and suppliers and customers are involved in the work.

Working Environment policy

DAB strives to create optimal conditions for a good working environment. The aim of the work environment work is to create a physical, psychological and socially sound and stimulating workplace for all employees, where the risk of occupational injuries and work-related ill health is prevented. The working environment is a common concern for the company and its employees. It will be conducted in collaboration where everyone participates. Laws and other requirements in the field of safety and health at work must be met and hazardous work is mapped and evaluated so that measures can be taken to minimise accidents in the workplace. The OSH policy shall be regularly evaluated and revised as necessary to make continuous improvements possible.