Innovation comes from the Latin “innovator” which means “renew”. Creating innovations that develop both DAB as a company and our society is important to us.That is why we are working on this every day.

Societal benefits

For us, innovation is about, through new ideas, creating creative, improved solutions and technical development of products, systems and services that are part of our business areas.

Many of the research and development projects we run and participate in affect the entire industry but also the development of society at large.

Research and development

Since DAB started, research and development has been an important part of our business. Most of the R & D projects we participate in are co-with universities and colleges, suppliers, Vinnova, RISE, industry players, SBUF, associations within Sweden and Europe and the public sector, etc.

Over the years we have helped to develop new methods and materials which have later become standard and are now included in AMA (official work and material descriptions) and the Swedish Transport Administration’s requirement documentation.

Some examples of this are our work with Bridgecare, DAB Greenline and our materials under the brand BETA.