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All business activity has an impact on our shared environment. We therefore continuously strive to reduce all negative environmental impact. We do this by fulfilling and ideally exceeding environmental legislation, and also by developing products with a long technical life. Furthermore, we develop products that contain recycled materials so as to reduce our consumption of resources. We aim to engage our customers and suppliers in this work too. The environment is all our concern. DAB Greenline is a step in our endeavour to minimise the environmental impact of our products.

Bitumen-based waterproof sealcoats, approved to BASTA

Our bitumen-based waterproof sealcoating systems are approved to BASTA material criteria. BASTA registration shows that a product meets set criteria relating to properties harmful to health and the environment. The purpose of BASTA is to speed up the phasing-out of hazardous substances from building products. The system is centred around a set of Properties Criteria. It is based on the European Community Regulation REACH, which focuses on phasing out the most hazardous substances in chemicals. Read more about BASTA here.

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