DAB is the leading Nordic company in waterproofing and coating, with several unique solutions that meet the needs and requirements of the construction and civil engineering sector. With market-leading methods and specially adapted materials, we offer expertise in all types of structure, old and new.


Designing solutions with innovative methods

In this business area we perform waterproofing and coating works on most types of structure, old and new.
We perform works on bridges, tunnels, parking decks, garages, hydropower dams, ports, courtyard decks, terraces, roofs, industrial flooring, indoor flooring, terrazzo floors and cisterns.

We have long experience of these jobs, and our collective knowledge is invaluable as we tackle each assignment – always in close collaboration with the customer.
Over the years we have helped to develop new methods and materials which have later become standard and are now included in AMA (official work and material descriptions) and the Swedish Transport Administration’s requirement documentation.

Also, since 2018, DAB has been chair of the International Mastic Asphalt Association, IMAA, based in Bern, Switzerland.

We work with most types of material designed for application onto concrete, steel and wood structures. Are you looking for a sealcoat with good cold properties, crack-bridging ability and flexure over bonds? Or perhaps a low-maintenance insulating layer with an aesthetically pleasing surface? DAB has several unique systems that meet these requirements.

Our operations are divided into four geographical regions: South, West, East and North. For certain, specialised product areas we also carry out works in Denmark and Norway, through the companies DSA and Spesialdekker. We also carry out some subcontracting in Poland and Finland.

When working on what, for us, are large-scale projects, we collaborate across regional and national borders, primarily for project management and to exchange experiences . This also helps us to develop together and build up a shared knowledge bank for other major, complex assignments in the future.

Here at DAB, we are proud to have been involved in some of Sweden’s biggest construction and civil engineering projects: Öresund Bridge, Öland Bridge, Älvsborg Bridge, Sundsvall Bridge, Höga Kusten Bridge, the Essingeleden motorway, Norra Länken/Northern Link, Södra Länken/Southern Link, Friends Arena, Mall of Scandinavia, Emporia mall, Förbifart Uppsala bypass, Nya Karolinska Solna hospital, the Bothnia Line railway and others.