Building & real estate

DAB has long experience of refurbishment and retrofitting projects. We enable a long-term, cost-effective solutions for public, private and commercial buildings. We deliver a reliable turnkey solution, whatever the size of the project.

Optimising structures and extending the life spa

Vi arbetar idag till största del med renoverings- samt om- och tillbyggnationer av gårdsbjälklag, terrasser och plana tak.
Today we work primarily on renovation, refurbishment and retrofitting of decks, terraces and flat roofs. In some cases we are asked to provide a turnkey project with responsibility for the entire process, while other customers use our cutting-edge expertise for particular jobs.

DAB has long experience of these jobs, and our collective knowledge is invaluable as we tackle each assignment, however large or small – always in close collaboration with the customer.

In refurbishment projects we sometimes encounter technical difficulties, and we relish the challenge. It is our job to see the opportunities and find sustainable solutions that bring our customers added value and peace of mind for the future.

In order to meet all the various environmental standards on today’s market, DAB works actively with DAB Greenline. DAB Greenline is a step in our endeavour to minimise the environmental impact of our products.

Our operations are divided into four geographical regions: South, West, East and North. For certain, specialised product areas we also carry out works in Denmark and Norway, through the companies DSA and Spesialdekker.