Civil engineering

With DAB’s collective experience and expertise in building infrastructure, we meet the demands of the future. We offer new construction and repairs on concrete structures such as bridges, tunnels and hydropower dams.

Construction and maintenance for the future

DAB works in the new construction and repair of concrete structures. In many cases we are asked to provide a turnkey project with responsibility for the entire process, while other customers use us for individual or particularly complex jobs. We carry out new construction of e.g. bridges, retaining walls and hydropower plants. Our main civil engineering contracts involve works on hydropower dams, bridges, parking decks, garages, tunnels and ports.

We also provide maintenance of facilities owned by local or national governments under various kinds of framework agreements.

Our operations are divided into four geographical regions: South, West, East and North. For certain, specialised product areas we also carry out works in Denmark and Norway, through the companies DSA and Spesialdekker.

When working on what, for us, are large-scale projects, we collaborate across regional and national borders, primarily for project management and to exchange experiences. This also helps us to develop together and build up a shared knowledge bank for other major, complex assignments in the future.